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Tree Pruning.

Pruning is the practice of removing selective parts of a tree or shrub,this includes branches, limbs, trunk or roots. There are several differnt types of pruning operations these include:

Crown reductions - Crown reductions is the practice of reducing the overall size of a trees crown by removing the ends of indervidual branches. Under the new guidlines set out by the British standard BS3998:2010 we no longer use percentages (such a 30% reduction) as this is seen as too vague we would now say by how many meters a tree should be pruned i.e. 2 metre height reduction and a 1.5 metre lateral reduction. 

Crown thinning - Crown thinning is the removal of smaller secondary branches from the outer crown to create an even branch structure. The most common reason for a crown thin would be to allow more light through the tree. 

Lifting - Lifting or crown lifting is the removal of the lower branches of the crown. Common reasons for crown lifting include, allowing more light to the base of the tree or for access for pedestrians and cars. 

Dead wooding - Dead wooding is the removal of dead from the crown of a tree, this is down for saftey reasons. 

Coppicing - Coppicing is an ancient woodland management technique of removing a tree to a low stump allowing new fresh shoots to grow, only a select few tree species are able to cope with this type of pruning. 

Pollarding - Pollarding similar to coppicing is removing all of the trees upper branches leaving heither a high stump or a tree with only its larger branches. Again only some species can cope with this type of pruning. 

Formative pruning - Formative pruning is the pruning a young tree or sapling, it is done to try and create a balanced tree with a good beanch structure. 

Pruning takes up a large amount of the work we do and we pride ourselves on the quality and efficiancy of all our pruning works, all our work is done in accordance with BS3998:2010 Recomendations for tree work. 

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