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Tree Felling & Stump Grinding

Unfortunatly sometimes in spite of our best efforts trees do require being removed for safety reasons, this may be because of a fungul or bacterial infection leading to extensive rot or the tree has simply out-grown its surrondings. Felling trees is a very dangerous undertaking and should only ever be done by qualified and trained profesionals using the correct techniques and equipment otherwise injury to people and damage to building may occur. We have the expertise and equipment to safely dismantle any tree using proven lowering techniques, all our work is done in accordance with BS3998:2010 Recomendations for tree work. 

We also offer stump removal services, stump grinding can remove the stump and some of the roots to facilitate the planting of a new tree. 

Permission is sometimes required from the council to fell a tree, we can complete this application on your behalf, Please do not hesitate to contact us for more infomation.