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Tree Planting/ Transplanting/ Mychorizae & De-compaction Treatments

Greater London is residance to more trees than people and is considered to be the greenest metropolis in the world, therefore to maintain this unique status we must maintain our tree population by both looking after the exsiting tree stock and adding to it aswell. Trees within urban environments often suffer from a lack of spcae above and below soil level, a lack of nutrients within the soil and also compaction from people and vehicals. These issues can be allivated with Mychorizae and De-compaction Treatments which can add nutrients, and lesson the affetcs of compaction on the tree.

Tree planting is possibly the most important service we offer, wether it is replacing a tree we have removed or just planting a new tree it is helping to contribute to Londons growing tree stock. We can supply, deliver and plant a wide variety of species and size of tree to meet your needs. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more infomation about Tree Planting/ Transplanting/ Mychorizae & De-compaction Treatments.